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Asperger's syndrome is one of several autism spectrum disorders characterized by difficulties in social interaction and by restricted and stereotyped interests and activities, often accompanied by high intelligence. Autism and developmental aphasia may share many characteristics with Asperger's syndrome.

Free K-10 Online Learning for Washington Residents

The Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA) provide a superior, tuition-free, state-approved curriculum for grades K-10.

The pace of learning fits the child's needs; the family's values shape the environment; and the education is enriching and rewarding as parents and teachers work together to shape the child's highest potentials.

Check out the page of Schools and Colleges for links to WAVA and other learning opportunities.

Post High School Learning

If you have Asperger's or autism you can learn at your own pace. If you are through with high school you can choose from traditional studies or technical programs like computer programming, web design, or electronics. Explore programs like graphics design, fashion design, or culinary arts. Look into careers in business, health sciences, or engineering.

If you are a teacher or a parent, take advantage of coursework you can do at a time and location which suits you best.

Visit our Schools and Colleges page now to request information from all the schools which look interesting to you.

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concinnity: elegance -- used chiefly of literary style

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